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We are a leading manufacturer and importer of innovative quality furniture for indoor (dining furniture, small furniture), outdoor (garden furniture, balcony furniture) and smart furniture (side furniture)  use.

At T&S we combine flexible, individual and exclusive contract manufacturing (goods produced to order) with efficient, cost-effective logistical advantages. We have the highest quality standards and are FSC® certified. We offer tailor-made solutions and our unique packaging concept my pure box® to our B2B business customer partners as a unique selling point.

We are an experienced team with flat hierarchies. Our communication is fast and direct. We do not have different decision-making levels for briefing projects downwards to develop them upwards again. Doing business with T&S is uncomplicated and pragmatic: we avoid long channels, thus achieving fast, impressive results.

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Stephan Sander
Managing partner
Finance, IT, HR
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Thomas Berg
Managing partner
Sales, Marketing, Logistics
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–  Individual production for our customers

–  Own production in Vietnam under German management, with our own system of quality management

–  Quality controls according to AQL and DIN standards

–  Compliance with all international quality and social standards

–  FSC® certified products

–  Considerable reduction in costs for packaging, transport and storage (logistics optimization)

–  Reliable handling of imports

–  Everything taken care of throughout: from order placement and marketing to production, quality control, punctual shipment and customs clearance

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my pure box®

With our my pure box® concept we offer exclusive and sustainable packaging and logistics including a large selection of furniture with many variation options.

T&S Home & Living Konfiguration

1 // Easy configuration of individual sets

T&S Home & Living Ecobox

2 // Efficiently packed in a single carton

T&S Home & Living my pure box®

3 // Sustainable reduction in resulting emissions

T&S Home & Living Kostenersparnis

4 // Reduction in packaging, storage and personnel costs

T&S Home & Living Logistikvorteile

5 // Easy handling and maximum logistical advantages 

Advantage exclusivity T&S Home & Living my pure box®

6 // Exclusivity for our customers

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Only available with my pure box®: All the parts of a complete furniture set fit into a single carton to cut down on material, transport and storage costs.

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Reduction to a single carton not only saves on packaging material; it makes transportation and storage a lot easier and faster and as a result more cost-effective.

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Our compact, sustainable and exclusive my pure box® considerably reduces the transport volume required, hence also clearly reducing the emissions generated.


Allow us to inspire you to choose from a huge variety of combinations of materials, shapes and colours. Our new products for living rooms and dining rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, and also gardens, terraces and balconies will delight you.

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T&S Home & Living is 
innovative – economical – smart – efficient – sustainable

We set the highest standards for ourselves and are happy to pass the benefits on to our customers. We want all of them to be fully satisfied!

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